Young photographers score with their ‘rebuilding’ shots

Our young photographers fared well in both the Harpenden heat of the Rotary Young Photographers Competition, and in the ensuing district level competition for Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. They were asked to produce an image on the theme of ‘rebuilding’, which called for a stretch of imaginations. Our entrants did not disappoint!

In the junior section Maya said: ’My photo is of someone donating clothes to the Salvation ‘Army. It shows how anyone can demonstrate kindness and compassion, helping to rebuild lives and communities by supporting those in need.’

Maya’s photo was the winner of the junior local heat, and went on to be placed second in the district competition. In the intermediate section, Amy said: ‘My grandad is building a house, and brick by brick he took down the bungalow that was there before. He has used the bricks to make a wall with gabion baskets filled with the old bricks, rebuilding new with old.’

Amy’s photo was the winner of the Harpenden heat at intermediate level and went on to win the district competition. Her photo has been forwarded to the national competition. This page will be updated once we know the results of the competition.

In the senior section, Mikaela wrote: ‘In an area being rebuilt and regenerated, I spotted this well-seasoned rolling metal shop shutter showing signs of deterioration. It had been rusted by the salty sea air and aged by the passing of time. I loved the autumnal colours of the rust and the waving texture of the door. Its parallel lines drew my eyes to a final point and the end of a journey. This was the end of the line for this timeworn door as it would be replaced as rebuilding progressed, repurposing the location and giving it a new lease of life.’

Mikaela’s photo was the winner of the senior section in the Harpenden heat.


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