When disaster strikes...

When disasters like earthquakes or floods occur across the world Rotary is always quick to respond by sending survival kits like ShelterBoxes to the scene. The kit includes a family-size tent, cooking utensils and other life essentials.

Rotary in Harpenden set aside money raised by their events to meet the cost and transportation of the ShelterBoxes. As they are handled by local Rotarians and other trusted agencies we are confident that they are reaching the people who desperately need them.

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Latest news

Tara wins the ‘Service above Self’ award

Tara Conway-Shah of Roundwood Park School is this year’s winner of the Bill Hewetson Memorial Prize and Rotary Young Citizen Award. The awards recognise a young person’s achievements in the spirit of the Rotary motto Service above Self.

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Joint gifts boost Foodbank groceries

Several times over the past two years, with the cooperation of Sainsbury’s Harpenden Store, Rotary in Harpenden members have stood outside the store, encouraging customers to buy extra items and, on leaving, to donate them to the St Albans & District Foodbank.

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The elm makes a comeback!

With almost all large specimens of elm having been lost to Dutch Elm Disease, a new specimen, highly resistant to the disease, has been planted on Harpenden Common.

The gift of Rotary in Harpenden, the new tree stands close to the footpath linking Rothamsted Park with the southern end of the High Street.

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