Fit for Purpose

A wooden bench halfway up Harpenden’s Sun Lane has for decades allowed residents toiling up that steep hill a chance to rest. As the bench had fallen into disrepair, Rotary in Harpenden have met the cost and installation expenses of a new bench.

Rotary in Harpenden, well known for staging the annual Classics on the Common and Harpenden Quiz of Quizzes, as well as running several activities for the benefit of young people, are extending their charitable work to improving the living environment in Harpenden and surrounding villages. This smart bench is an example of the new policy.

Rotary in Harpenden’s President, Hugh Lawrence, said: “As well as providing Sun Lane with a new bench we are paying for an elm tree to be planted on the Common by the Town Council. Dutch elm disease has caused the loss of many of the Council’s elm trees.

This new elm is resistant to the disease.

“We are very keen to hear about other such local projects that aim at improving the town’s living environment.”


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